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Gui’an Ocean Park

1804034-贵阳海洋城项目-c2-zhj (1).jpg

类型:城市规划+ 城市设计
Location:Gui'an,Guizhou, China
type: urban planning + design
status: comission

项目基地位于中国西南地区内陆腹地,贵州省贵阳市花溪区, 紧密联结省会城市。依托上位规划,强化打造海洋馆核心城市公园集群,与阳明文化公园,体育公园,海洋雕塑艺术公园形成环绕大学城的生态绿环,设置城市发展与文化轴,打通大学城南侧生态景观走廊,将大学城活力推进至南侧山野生态保护区。主打海洋,回归山地,精品公园集群,通过富集周边自然人文旅游资源,宝 贵安山地海洋城组团将成为居于贵阳与黄果树瀑布间的旅游热点。全面提升居民生活品质,激活城市活力。

The project is located in the hinterland of southwestern China, Huaxi District, Guizhou Province, and is closely linked to the provincial capital city. Relying on the superior planning, the spatial strategy is  by making the ocean park, form an ecological green ring around the university city with Yangming Cultural Park, Sports Park and Ocean Sculpture Art Park, set up the urban development and cultural axis, and open the ecological landscape corridor on the south side of the university town. The appreciations of its natural hilly landscape make drastic contract to  the ocean park, enrich the surrounding natural&heritages tourism resources, Guian   Ocean City  will become a tourist hotspot between Guiyang and Huangguoshu Waterfall. Improve the quality of life of residents and activate the vitality of the city.

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