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Elderly Housing Lishui


规模:14 Ha
Location:Lishui, Nanjing, China
Size:14 Ha
type: Urban and Architecture design
status: Conceptual design


The project locates in Lishui Economic Development Zone of Nanjing, China. The city contains rich history and culture, as it was the ancient capital of six dynasties; and it is in a strategic junction of the Yangtze River Delta to the central and western regions. Currently, Nanjing is in the stage of a deep-ageing society. Base on these conditions, the project aims to create a national elderly caring demonstration project integrating medical care, healthy living, and open sharing. In the city scale, the project establishes a strong connection between the hospital on the north side and the scenic area of the reservoir on the south side, integrates regional high-quality medical and nursing resources. Relying on the nursing home and reserved forest land, the project aims to realize the dual-core internal circulation of medical care in the elderly community. The program introduces a healing environment, with a friendly, natural, and pleasant spatial environment, to fully support the elderly's physical and mental relaxation and recovery. It takes the space as an effective element for the elderly to heal, thereby greatly reducing medical investment and improving the happiness and health index of the elderly.

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