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Xihongqiao Zhaidong Village Reconstruction Project

地点:上海, 中国


Location:Shanghai, China
Size:1070 ㎡
Type:Urban and Architecture Design
Concept Design


长三角区域是中国经济发展 最活跃、开放程度最高、创新能力最强的区域之一,当前长三角城市发展已进入3.0版时代,从单中心城市阶段进入多中心发展阶段,现在又进入以中心城市和周边城市合作联动的都市圈发展阶段。


本次改造项目以城市更新为总体思路,以宜居、宜业、宜游、宜学、宜养统筹整合,完善城市公共服务体系,营建多元城市开放空间。结合沪青平公路为自驾经典路线国道318起点,以318上自驾故事为主题,打造线型城市微公园集合。通过线性景观联动社区和公共空间,同时结合局部放大, 三角地文化公园、立体运动公园、夏都街角公园等,实现区域整体形象提升。引入文化艺术巡展、创意集市书市、音乐现场演艺等多样化的活动,催化区域文化新生,成为区域精神补给。







The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the regions with the most active economic development, the highest degree of openness and the strongest innovation ability in China. The current development of the Yangtze River Delta cities has entered the era of version 3.0, from the stage of single-center cities to the stage of multi-center development, and now it has entered the stage of center-based cities. The development stage of the metropolitan area in which the city and its surrounding cities cooperate and link.


This renovation project takes urban renewal as the general idea, integrates livability, work, travel, study, and maintenance, improves the urban public service system, and builds a diverse urban open space. Combined with Huqingping Highway as the starting point of National Highway 318, a classic self-driving route, with the story of self-driving on 318 as the theme, a collection of linear urban micro-parks will be created. Through linear landscape linkage between community and public space, combined with local enlargement, triangular cultural park, three-dimensional sports park, Xiadu Street Corner Park, etc., to improve the overall image of the region. Diversified activities such as cultural and art tour exhibitions, creative fairs and book fairs, and live music performances have been introduced to catalyze the rebirth of regional culture and become a regional spiritual supply.


Connecting with Nature - Landscape of Jiangnan Water Village

Linking History - Active Regional Culture: Based on the principle of continuing the memory of the site, respecting the attributes of the site, and exploring the cultural display methods suitable for the region

Contact the city - comfortable living circle: improve the "perfect" gene neighborhood facilities and create a more livable urban life scene


By implanting ecology, culture and public space, it can catalyze the renewal of city image. Combing and opening up important urban public functions and strengthening regional internal connections. Highlight the publicity and cultural personality of road cities and enhance the regional slow-moving experience. Improve and enhance urban public functions and create a livable living circle.

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