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Ice Museum Park

地点:河北 滦平
Location:Luanpin, Hebei, China
type:Cultural building and Commercial Park Design
status:Concept Design



The project is located in the core area of Jinshanling Great Wall in Luanping County. It is affiliated to the overall development project of cultural tourism in Dengchang Township and has great strategic significance. The overall planning orientation of the Jinshanling Great Wall Tourist Area is to create an international and iconic scenic spot with the Great Wall Cultural Tourism as the main line, integrating cultural experience, health holiday, conference and leisure, outdoor sports and modern agriculture. The project is centered on the Jinshanling Great Wall Culture and the Ice Sculpture Museum. Through the creative combination of Great Wall culture and ice and snow art, the world's largest indoor Great Wall Ice Sculpture Pavilion will be built, forming a unique cultural tourism attraction in China. Opposite the Great Wall Ice Sculpture Museum, the project set up the Great Wall Theme B&B. This dual-core pulls the Great Wall IP Commercial, the Great Wall Culture Pavilion, and the ice and snow specialties.
A series of cultural tourism formats such as high-end hospitals and homestays. To create a boutique hotel with outstanding highlights, complete business, and rich cultural and artistic atmosphere, and further enhance the regional competitiveness of the company.

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